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Krem Puri

Meghalaya is a land of caves with about 1650 caves. Krem Puri is one of them but now has the distinction of being the longest sandstone cave in the world with length of 24,583 meters. The cave has taken over the rank from Venenzuala’s quartzite Cueva El Saman cave having length of 18,200 meters. The cave is India’s second longest cave following Krem Liat Prah-Umim-Labit (31 Km) of Jaintia Hills which is also in Meghalaya. The cave is located in Laitsohum village in Mawsynram area, the wettest place on earth. Fossils of dinosaurs and a giant reptile which may have live 66-76 million years ago were also found in the cave.

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