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Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake, considered sacred by both Buddhist and Hindus, is also known as wish fulfilling lake by locals. Located at a distance of about 34 Km from Pelling in West Sikkim district, the beautiful lake is surrounded by lush green thick forest. 10 minutes walk, from the parking area, through the approach road is just another charm. The calm and serene ambience of the lake are sure to make you good of self if you are obsessed to spend some quality time for self and with family. Besides, your inner piousness would surely instigate you to seek blessings at this sacred lake. A wonderful belief about the lake is that despite being inside deep jungles, the water of the lake remain clear of falling leafs. It so happens because falling leaves are being cleared by birds here ensuring proper cleanliness of the lake. You can enjoy feeding fish.

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