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Nohkilakai Falls

With a height of over 1100 feet, Nohkalikai waterfall is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. The beautiful waterfall, located in Cherrapunjee, gets more vibrant during monsoon with rain water collected on the plateau. The postcard waterfall has a story behind its name.

Once there lived a lady named Likai belonging to Khashi community and as such she was known as Ka-Likai. Owing to the death of her husband she was left with an infant and had to remarry. Being a lady of Khashi community, it was her responsibility to take care of the family and as such she was not able to take much care of her Infant and her second husband. However, after returning from a day’s work, she tries to take care of her infant. Seeing this, her second husband got jealous and on an unfortunate day, he killed the infant and cooked the flesh throwing away skulls. After returning from work Ka-lika was very tired and hungry. Though she looked out for the child but being hungry she preferred to have her meal first and accordingly had her meal with the flesh that was cooked by her husband. Like the other days, she went to get some beetle nut to have which was a habit of her. While at the beetle nut tree, she could see the fingers of her child. She got to know the source of meat that she just ate. She got angry, grief. Unable to control her emotions, she jumped from here and died. As such, the falls was named after her.

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