Festivals in Nagaland

Nagaland is a state with number of indigenous tribes living in harmony, with each tribe having their unique identity and distinctively different colourful customs and attires. Hornbill festival is one such platform, a laudable effort of Govt. of Nagaland, to showcase the various tribes, their customs, attires, food habits and festivals of respective tribes of Nagaland. The festival offers opportunity to the visitors to witness the life of festive moments of the tribes of Naga people. While being at the village Kisama, the site of the festival, you get to enjoy the varied events like games, cultural performances, motor sports, carnival, floral exhibition, indigenous food habits, rock festival and host of other interesting activities. To make one’s visit yet more memorable, one can enjoy few nights in the Morungs of respective tribal communities constructed for the purpose of the Festival.


The festival adds more fruit in uniting tribes of Nagaland who flock into Kisama village during the festival.


Started in the year 2000, the weeklong Hornbill festival is organized from 1st of Dec every year which also coincides with the date on which Nagaland earned statehood under the hegemony of the then great Naga leaders. The festival is organized in Kisama village, 12 Km from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, is easily accessible.


With its massive intensities, the festival has earned acclamation worldwide and consequentially huge number of tourist from abroad beside tourist from within the country flock in during the festival. Then, why do you miss an opportunity to visit Nagaland and the awesome Hornbill Festival?


For your comfort and prior arrangements of your visit, you can log in to www.hornbillfestival.com.

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